About the Investor

Our history

Montevideo Sofia Ltd. is part of a group of companies specialized in the implementation and management of investment projects. The company has interests focused on real estate, analysis and investment in attractive projects. The company is open to technological innovation in the field of construction. Montevideo Sofia Ltd. commits itself to the accompanying socially significant infrastructure. Sidewalks, green areas, playgrounds and substations have been constructed in parallel with the sites. Selling real estate allows the company to get as close as possible to the expectations of its clients and to offer a combination of location, architectural design, quality and functional distribution of the premises they expect. We have a rich portfolio of completed projects, with the main focus on housing in Sofia. To see our other sites, visit our official website.

Why choose us as your partner?

  • The long-standing experience of the company is our stable and secure base on which we build projects of excellent quality.
  • We strive for unremitting pursuit and maximum satisfaction of your requirements.
  • We carefully plan and pay special attention to each element of the overall project.
  • For each of our projects we work with leading architectural bureaus to provide our clients with high quality service.
  • The pricing policy of the company is aimed at offering values ​​among the best for Bulgaria.
  • It is extremely important that we provide each of our clients with care to meet their individual needs.
  • The building materials are of proven quality and we rely on technical implementation with leading modern systems and technologies.
  • We offer high quality construction services in accordance with the latest global trends in the industry