About Montevideo Residence

Montevideo is a main boulevard in the center of Ovcha Kupel neighborhood. Named after the Uruguayan capital, the name literally means "I see wide and long all that can be seen." Everything can really be seen on it. New schools, new cooperatives, multiple small and large fast food shops and restaurants. Here are New Bulgarian University, Higher School Lyuben Karavelov, the Frankfon Institute and several other high schools. The Italian Lyceum is also close. By "Montevideo Residence" is in close proximity to New Bulgarian University. Proximity to the ring road provides very good communication access. Although it is 6 km away from the center of Sofia, its proximity to the mountain, easy access, clean air and renewable infrastructure make it one of the most desirable. There are numerous buses passing through the city and the fastest and most environmentally friendly transport is being built, with subway stantion only in 10 minutes away.

Urban Transport

Bus stop 45
Bus stop 73
Ovcha Kupel Subway Station

School institutions

New Bulgarian University
Kindergarden 33th "Silver bells"
Kindergarden 39th "Spring"
Kindergarden 84th "Clover"
High School 88th "Dimitar Popnikolov"
High School 149th "Ivan Hadjiyski"



Healthcare Facilities

Serdika Medical Complex
Hospital "Doverie"
Diagnostic consultative Center 21th


Fitness Titan
Slavia Fitness Center
Sitalk Fitness Club
Pulse Fitness & Spa


Western Park
Ovcha Kupel and Slavia Parks

Shopping centers

Bulgaria Mall

Montevideo Residence is a modern residential complex, which consists of two 9-storey residential buildings with a total area of 8110 m2. There are 110 apartments from 37 m2 to 157 m2 - studios, one, two and three bedrooms. There are also 90 underground garages and 7 outdoor parking spaces for the future residents of the complex.
The appearance of the Montevideo Residence features a stepped, relatively clean and undoubtedly very stylish look that brings a sense of luxury and class. The light tones in which the complex is maintained enhance the sense of calm and harmony at a subconscious level. A sense of security is also provided by the concierge room.
The apartments are spacious and bright, most of them also have a terrace where future owners can enjoy perhaps the cleanest air in Sofia - the one in Ovcha Kupel. And the choice of what to see their eyes on while enjoying their morning coffee on the terrace is entirely theirs. On the one hand, the complex has apartments overlooking the beautiful and peaceful Vitosha Mountain, and on the other - with apartments overlooking the dynamic urban environment of Sofia. The two types of views carry different personal, but undoubtedly influential, handwriting. The heating in the dwellings will be at the TPP.
Insulation is one of the most important components of a building, so we never compromise on it. The exterior masonry at the Montevideo Residence will be with Wienerberger Poroterm N + F bricks and the interior will be with Wienerberger Forati. Wienerberger bricks are renowned as top-class bricks for more than their excellent thermal insulation and noise insulation qualities, ensuring optimum comfort for occupants of buildings. Another important feature of Montevideo Residence buildings is the use of 10cm XPS technology, which provides over 40% energy savings. The use of this technology also increases the life of the facade.
Window frames are one of the other key components in a building and for this reason we have provided for the installation of 6-chamber windows with German hardware, which consists of four-season windows outside, argon gas in the middle and K-glass inside. All this also provides over 40% energy savings and works actively for thermal insulation and sound insulation.
Corridors, staircases and common areas are the first things visitors notice in a building and play a key role in creating an overall impression. With that in mind, we plan on these spaces contributing to the overall aristocratic appearance of the complex. The stairs will be made of all natural materials such as marble and granite. Elevators are also of the highest quality, so they give not only a pleasant experience, but also an extremely safe one. As mentioned above, there is also a concierge room. However, the final decision on the availability of security will remain the choice of future apartment owners.